UPDATED Kittichai Breaks its Word and Returns to Wild Edibles

Mon, 03/30/2009 - 3:44pm

Update--- Thanks to your phone calls from around the world and the actions of Wild Edibles workers on the ground in NYC, Kittichai has decided to honor its word and refrain from serving seafood from the Wild Edibles sweatshop. Thank you for all the support. Together we can create an economy that respects the contributions of retail and food employees and every working person.---


Brandworkers has learned that Kittichai, the fancy Thai restaurant in New York City, has violated its word and gone back to serving seafood from the Wild Edibles sweatshop.

Wild Edibles and its owner Richard Martin have stolen overtime pay from workers for some 15 years and went on a retaliatory firing spree when workers spoke up for their rights.

Though Kittichai pledged in writing to refrain from serving seafood from Wild Edibles until the workers' rights dispute was resolved, the restaurant's general manager has admitted that Kittichai is not living up to its word and that Chef Lulzim Rexhepi is purchasing large quantities of seafood from Wild Edibles.

The workers of Wild Edibles feel betrayed and insulted as they had previously saluted Kittichai publicly for lending a hand in their time of need.

Please call Kittichai at 212-219-2000 and express your concern that the restaurant has not lived up to its word and is profiting off worker exploitation at Wild Edibles. Demand that Kittichai stop serving Wild Edibles today.

If you get a moment, drop Brandworkers an e-mail at info@brandworkers.org to let us know you participated. Thank you in advance for supporting the dignity of working people.

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