What is a Campaigner?

Brandworkers Campaigners are both everyday citizens who believe the big brand corporations have too much power over their lives AND the hard working employees at the big brands looking for positive change on the job.

Simply put, they are people who believe that:

  • together, workers and community members can effect positive change in the workplace and in society
  • retail and food employees deserve fair treatment on the job
  • big brand corporations are exercising too much power over our neighborhoods, our environment, and our economy

What do Campaigners do?

Campaigners are the agents of change around the world building the movement for brand justice. In sum:

  • Campaigners get plugged in to activities which empower workers and communities to counter the power of the big brand corporations
  • Campaigners involve neighbors, co-workers, and friends in Brandworkers initiatives
  • Campaigners report back on their activities to Brandworkers HQ to create a coordinated and powerful voice for change

Why do people become Brandworkers Campaigners?

Because they want to be part of a social change movement which:

  • Ensures their voice will be heard toward winning justice at work and in the community
  • Inspires people to learn more about the incredible power of large corporations with the aim of checking that power
  • Connects them with amazing people striving for a just world

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